Custom Knives


SHEATHS:  Many knife makers only will make sheaths for their knives or don't like to make sheaths period.  I happen to enjoy working with leather and will be happy to make a sheath for your knife. I use 8oz cowhide, formed to fit your knife and hand stitched.

KNIFE REPAIR:  If you have an old knife, knife blade or  a great knife that needs to be restored, let me know what your idea is and maybe I can help fix it for you.  Restoring knives is something I really enjoy doing.

knife classes !

We offer a verity of knife classes depending what you would like to learn.  One of the classes is a six week class with classes twice a week.  This class is for the person who wants to learn the KNIFE BUSINESS.  You will learn things like KNIFE DESIGN, HOLLOW GRINDING, FLAT GRINDING, MAKING SHEATHS, HEAT TREATNG AND MUCH MORE.  You will build your own knife and have six or more knives heat treated and ready to finish.

Smaller classes are available


Limited  number. Only 50 will be produced.

Knives and sheath are entirely  hand made by Bloodworth knives.

Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery, contact  us for more information.

Thirty five years of custom knife making experience

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to enjoy your experience with Bloodworth Custom Knives. From the first time you hold your knife, we want you to have confidence and pride that your Bloodworth is everything you expected it to be.